Saturday, March 23, 2013

100 Days of Gratitude

This year, my number one biggest goal for 2013 was to 
be more positive.

So far, so good!
Thanks to a few key things, but mostly an app I found for my iPhone that I want to share with you.

I downloaded The Gratitude Journal back in December (12/12/12).
(it costs $0.99 but it's completely worth every penny)

Thursday, I celebrated 100 days of Gratitude.

This simple app reminds me that every single day there is something to be grateful for.
I've struggled with happiness and remembering to be grateful in the past and this is the perfect thing to keep track of everything good in your life. And there's SO MUCH to be grateful for, friends.
Sure I'm grateful for the obvious things in life (family, food, shelter, etc.) but I'm also grateful for little things like kitties purring, cranberry green tea, sleeping in, hugs, relaxing evenings, not being hung over, foggy mornings, children's laughter, sunrises and sunsets (with the perfect amount of clouds), taking walks, blue skies and sunshine, hearing birds sing, the sound of rain on the rooftop, sweet wine, the list is endless.

Every single entry, the first thing I add is the simple fact that I'm alive, happy and healthy.
Yes, I'm simply grateful to be ALIVE.
Every. Single. Day.
(How's that for positivity?!)

And every single entry, I end my gratitude list with Kevin.
Doesn't matter if I was in a mood, or he was in a mood.
I'm always grateful for finding the love of my life.

Here's a little peak at a few entries over the past few months:

                                                                                    Cupcake bullet points because it's my birthday month!

The app has the cutest touches that you can add to everyday entries, too.
Such as:
 bullet point symbols
 font style
font size
a photo
photo frames

They even have a daily quote you can add to each entry!
(my favorite part)

There's a quote I once saw that really hit me hard, which is the reason I decided to download this app.
"What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday."
The first time I read that quote, it took my breath away.  I would have nothing.  That quote made me realize that I need to start being more grateful and thanking God for everything he has ever given me.

Be grateful, friends


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