Monday, March 18, 2013

mini pencil eraser stamp diy

The other day I saw a picture on Pinterest of someone using a pencil eraser as a stamp making tiny circles all over a piece of paper.  I thought it was such a cute idea for decorating cards, notes, etc.  But I thought it would be even cuter if those tiny circles were tiny hearts! 

what you'll need:
a new pencil with an eraser, a pen, and a box cutter

Step 1:
Trace a heart on your pencil eraser with a pen.

Step 2:
Start cutting around the heart with your box cutter.
(please excuse my chipping nail polish)

Continue to cut until you have a pretty looking heart shaped eraser
(I colored mine black so it was easier to see at the final step)

Step 3:
Start stamping & enjoy!

Easy as pie!

Happy stamping!


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