Sunday, April 21, 2013


and five more pictures because I made this collage before Saturday and wasn't thinking about the pictures I was going to take that day...

This week was pretty fantastic.  My parents have been away on vacation in Florida so I had the house to myself.  Even though I was more busy this week than usual so I didn't get to enjoy the complete  peace and quiet as much as I had hoped.  But that's completely fine because it was filled with friends, family and GORGEOUS weather. It gradually warmed up all week, peaking at 82 on Wednesday (!!!!!) and then two days later it was back to cold, snowy weather (booo). 

This week's highlights:  
Going out to breakfast with my honey and ordering the most delicious Spinach and Feta omelette. 
Going to a (winning!) Sabres game with some friends.
Squeezing in some painting.
Being outside (a lot!).
Getting my first sunburn of the year (yay!/ouch).
Breaking in my Kitchenaid!
Playing a hilarious new game with all my friends.
And spending all my evenings/nights with my boy.

So grateful for this little life of mine.


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