Tuesday, April 9, 2013

lunatic & my {possible} future?

Oh, my, my, my.
I never did my Music Monday post yesterday.  I remembered, I just chose to skip it to go to the movies with some of my friends.  (We saw Croods...so cute!) Anywho, On my way to work on Monday morning I was thinking about what song I should post when I clicked on my CD drive in my car (I didn't know what CD was in there because I've been listening to the radio a lot lately) and track 5 of Andy Grammer's album started playing.   The song is called Lunatic and it's my favorite on the album.  It's very inspiring with lyrics like:

Sunsets dripping dripping off the thoughts I think. 
It's a beautiful, beautiful day.

You can do this. You can do this.
You are not a lu-lunatic.

This song came on at the perfect time in my life, right now (a sign from God? I think yes).  If you don't know me, I graduated with a teaching degree last May and I live in western New York where there are zero teaching jobs to be had.  Insanely frustrating for newly graduated men and women who spent tens of thousands of dollars in school to better themselves (and not to mention future America) and we aren't even guaranteed a job when we graduate.  I've had it up to here (my hand is touching the ceiling) with New York state and their awful job market, and school systems.  School districts around here are letting teachers and other school staff go like crazy.  There are huge budget cuts and other decisions that make my jaw drop and stomach twist.  I'm not going to go into a complete rant about how bad things are here, but I will tell you that I want out.

I'm kind of hesitant to talk about this just yet, because literally nothing has happened and I'm afraid I might jinx it but what happens, happens.  And everything happens for a reason, right?

I've been thinking about moving for awhile now.  Where, I did not know.  I have some family in the Carolina's, one of my best friends just moved to the Baltimore area, and I have family in Florida.  
I've been thinking more and more about moving in the last few weeks.  Recently, I had an insanely good gut feeling about moving to Florida.  I looked into it more and found some exciting, "omg, you have to do this" discoveries.  There's a school hiring not even 20 minutes away from my aunt and uncle's house. (another sign? yupp.)  ALSO! About a year ago, my aunt and uncle were approached randomly in a restaurant by some local school teachers, originally from Buffalo, because my uncle was wearing a Buffalo Bills shirt.  They started talking and  the teachers gave my aunt their contact info to give to me. (yet another sign? I'm thinking maybe!) So, anyways...I decided to take a chance and go for it.  What do I have to lose? I just pray to God, that this gut feeling is the real deal...

Fingers crossed. Wish me luck!

ps - this song encouraged me that I can do this! after having second thoughts.

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