Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What Makes Me Smile {no. 2}

Just a few things making me smile lately...

This picture I found on The Uniqueness of Being.

Fox in the Pine's gorgeous pictures on the Wonderland Trail

My mom bought me this book and it made me laugh out loud more than 100 times...in one chapter.
Seriously... go buy it.

Still obsessing over this gorgeous space found over on Love Taza

This version of "Ho Hey"

9 Reasons to be Depressed that You'll Never Marry Adam Levine (As I was reading this/drooling over the gifs Kevin looks at me and says, "what site are you on?!" He's obviously not depressed of the fact that he'll never marrying Adam...)

Finding things that restore my faith in humanity after tragedies.

What's making you smile lately?


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