Wednesday, May 22, 2013

hi there...

Welp, I knew this day would come eventually! And I actually had an excuse the last couple days until today....
I think I'm done with the blogging challenge. lap top just would not function (it's getting really hot as I type this). It's 5 years old, I knew this day would come.  It's already crashed on me twice and was saved twice (miracles).  It's just crappin' the bed and it's kind of just like whatever right now...

And yesterday, my boy had the evening off (first time in awhile) so I spent the evening with him and his parents and celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.  That little family is so sweet.

Today...I just don't feel like doing the challenge... #sorrynotsorry
(yeah, I just hashtagged that)

The challenge was fun though (while it lasted).  I met some new people and discovered some great new blogs and got quite a bit more blog traffic. But, I don't know.  Maybe on a rainy, cold day I'll play catch up with the challenge...maybe. If I'm really bored.

But for now, enjoy these dreamy pictures of a yard/secret garden a few streets over from mine that I took this evening...
Seriously magical, right?!
I need a wisteria tree in my life.

Hope your week is swell!

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