Monday, October 28, 2013

Kevin Michael

Have I ever mentioned that my boyfriend is a complete and total babe?
Well, he is.

sidenote: I meant to post this about a month ago...whoops.

A couple weeks ago he let me take pictures of him (finally) for his CD.
He recorded 8 original songs at Outer Limit Recording Studio in good 'ol Buffalo this summer.
(Fun fact: Eminem once recorded there. Why Buffalo? No clue but it's kinda cool if you ask me.)

To go along with his brand spankin' new recorded CD I bought him blank CDs, CD labels, jewel CD cases and case label inserts as a gift and offered to design everything for him.  He quickly agreed and even wanted to have a little photoshoot.  He usually hates when I take pictures of him but he was about 82% cooperative this time. Hallelujer!

So stinkin' handsome.

I finally settled on this design for the CD...
He had a gig at a local bar back in September and I made 17 copies of the CD before my printer ran out of ink and they ALL SOLD! We sold them for $5 a pop, so that's $85 pocketed in one night (plus he got tips and his actual payment).  He's such a rockstar.  I couldn't be more proud of that man.  Good lord I am in love.



  1. He seems like a wonderful soul. You two seem made for one another :)

  2. These photos are really great! The CD design looks great.

  3. Ok, you're designing my book cover when I finally get around to writing the damn thing. :P

    You are amazing! And yes, your man is a bit of a heartbreaker. Awwww you two will have such cute babies!!! I can't wait to see the pictures. :P

    1. HAHAHAHA You're the best. Your comment just made my day :D