Thursday, November 7, 2013

A job

Have I ever mentioned that for the past four summers I've been a day camp counselor?  Well, I am and I absolutely love that job.  It's such a relaxed, easy-going, fun job.  I get to run around with kids all day (usually girls age 5-9), playing games, goofing off and having fun.  We play all sorts of games, from soccer to uno, basketball to ghost in the graveyard, hockey to mum. We have "slumber parties" and watch movies on rainy days.  We go on nature walks and go fishing. We go to the beach and pool and hold Camp Olympics against other local camps. We bring in snacks and treats, just because. We have cookouts and rent bounce houses. I have a great boss who cares immensely for both the children and his employees.  I've gained so much great experience with not only all the kids, but parents too.  And being a substitute teacher, I get to see all those kid-os during the school year too and answer silly questions like, "How are you a teacher?" "Why are you wearing fancy clothes?" and "What in the heck are you doing here?!"

And for that, I am entirely grateful.


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Also, I'm in Florida for the next few days on a much needed vacation with my mom.  If I don't respond to comments or emails, it's most likely because I'm soaking up the sun and enjoying life and not because I think you stink.  Hope you're having a great week!



  1. SUMMER CAMP that never ends, even when you grow up?


    1. I knoooow! It's seriously the best job ever!! :)