Thursday, November 14, 2013

Florida Dets {part-o uno}

As promised, I want to share the wonderful details of my trip to Florida this past week.  

Ohh Florida.  The glorious state of Florida. I know quite awhile ago I mentioned a possibility of moving to Florida for a teaching job opportunity. I applied to a job back in the spring but someone snatched it up before I could even start pestering the school principal...lame.  I quickly became frustrated (I know nothing about Florida or its school system) and just dropped the idea. But after my recent trip to Florida, I fell in love with the possibility again.  My need to move is starting to boil in my soul again.  My want for adventure is constantly creeping into my mind poking through my thoughts.  Day dreams are forever crowding my mind...

...But anyways, back to my vacation...

My mom and I left Wednesday evening around six o'clock and landed in paradise a little before nine. Direct flights are the shiz. And flying at night is also the shiiiiiz (aerial pictures coming soon). We stayed with my aunt and uncle for the week in their gorgeous home right outside of Orlando. The first night we got to the house kind of late so we had a drink and just watched some of the CMA's on their pool deck. On Thursday mom and I just relaxed all day by the pool (pictured below) reading, soaking up some sun, and we took a walk around the neighborhood and admired all the beautiful, gigantic and very expensive houses. 
Super fun fact: these cranes sound like scary dinosaurs when they wake you up at the butt-crack of dawn or when they scare the crap out of you by jumping out of the bushes while you're innocently sitting on the pool deck day dreaming.

Friday, we went shopping and I spent way too much money on clothes I didn't really totally needed. We drank many delicious vodka drinks for happy hour when my aunt and uncle came home from work and then went out to dinner and had a crazy amount of laughs. My aunt after one vodka drink...HI-larious.  

Some quotes of hers from that night:

After sipping on a roady* and realizing there's not much left:
"WAIT! I can still make bubbles. There's still some in here!"
And then she proceeds to show us that she can indeed make some bubbles by blowing through the straw.

After Aunt Laurie convinced us all to get hot fudge sundaes from McDonald's after dinner and then started yelling at the drive thru dude:

Love that woman.  She wins the Favorite Lady of the Year Award fo'sho.

We also came to the conclusion that no one that lives in the state of Florida actually is from there originally.  And humans my age don't count, unless their parents were born in Florida, then maybe I'll consider it. 

A few snapshots from around my aunt and uncle's home:
Florida sunsets are killer.

Stay tuned for part 2! It's insanely adorable.

*A roady: an alcoholic beverage you take in the car with you to your destination. NOT for the driver to drink, guys. That's just irresponsible. 

PS- every single time I tried to type Florida in this post I spelled it Flroida...not sure what's going on with that, but yeah. 


  1. Florida sunsets really are amazing aren't they?? I spent a week in FLA this past July and the sunsets were unlike anything I've ever seen in my life...

    1. They were amazing!! The couple pics posted above was just one night. I was so sad I couldn't capture any good pictures of some others. It was too cloudy a couple nights too :(

  2. If you're moving to Florida, I'm coming with you! >_< Heehee. A friend of mine recently moved to Jacksonville, and I'm planning on visiting her next year. Excited!

    Umm... are those cranes in your aunt and uncle's backyard as... pets? Or do they come and go as they please?

    Oh, and you should totally show us your shopping haul! =)

    1. Haha Florida's just amazing!! And the cranes are wild...they come and go as they please. They scared me a little when I was trying to get some pictures of them. They're very protective of their bird seed haha