Sunday, November 3, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Day 3 of the Thankful Project is to share a place you're grateful for. I'm going with an easy and pretty obvious one today... the place I call home. 
Photo taken last Christmas
With holidays approaching I feel more and more grateful for my itty bitty home.  The place where home cooked meals are tasted and enjoyed, memories are created and laughter is heard every day.  The place where I grew up, tears were shed and knees were scrapped. The place where I learned my abc's and 1,2,3's. The place where slumber parties were held and secrets whispered.  The place where the happiest and saddest moments were shared. The place where holidays were celebrated and birthdays spent. The place where friends were made and family was loved. The place where I feel safe, content and comfortable. The place I call home where I am entirely grateful.



  1. SNOW!!! Love this pic. It puts me in the Christmas spirit. I put up my tree yesterday :)

    1. I'm so not ready for snow, but I don't mind the Christmas season one's my favorite :)

  2. Love that photo! Can't wait for winter.