Thursday, November 21, 2013

The man who brought sexy back...

I cannot believe I haven't talked about this with you guys yet. I'm pretty sure I peed my pants for three days straight with pure excitement and joy last weekend. It was EPIC. Scratch that, BEYOND EPIC.  Last Friday, my six best friends and I took a road trip to visit the seventh member of our clan in Columbus Ohio. (She attends Ohio State for Vet School...she's kind of a genius.)  

While in Columbus, we consumed many adult beverages, went to bars, got white girl wasted, and saw JUSTIN. FREAKIN'. TIMBERLAKE. Let me repeat myself, Justin (who was in N*SYNC aka my entire childhood, who is not only a beautiful man and singer but a wonderful actor and a hilarious comedian and  the man who brought sexy back) Timberlake. 

Our seats, were far from perfect. Our tickets literally said "Rear View of Stage." Yup, we were way up high and behind the stage. I mean, we were feeling pretty good and we were all together and we were at Justin freakin' Timberlake (!!!) so the seats weren't awful. I was content. Way up there. In the rafters. Behind the stage.... Where an arena employee actually said..."people are actually sitting in that section?"
 So naturally my friends tried sneaking into a suite in the arena to get a better view and got caught and thrown out of said suite. And then my friends miraculously ended up with 10 upgraded seat tickets. 
We asked about a hundred times how she got the tickets but by the end of the weekend we ended up calling the incident "dicks for tix." Enough said. (Nothing naughty actually happened...or did it? No one will ever know. Chelsea will die with the ticket secret.)

But anyways, a few of us went from this view....
to freakin' this....
I died. Not even joking...I was shaking the entire time and screamed like my N*SYNC loving tween self. I may have even cried a little when THIS HAPPENED...
I died.
You think I'm kidding. 
I am not.

 I can't even describe how absolutely amazing that night was. Voices were lost and muscles burned from so much dancing and jumping up and down. 

 Oh, and to add on to Justin's amazing entertaining skills. His stage moved. It went up in the air and went over the audience on the floor. It was probably the coolest things I've ever seen in concert.  I mean, he was moving away from me, which wasn't so cool but it was pretty awesome that he would do that for his far away fans.


I'll leave you with this photo I took that night:
 you're welcome.



  1. i cannot believe you got that close!!! LUCKY!!!!

    1. OMG. I thought the tickets were fake! All I kept saying was "this isn't real." Absolutely amazing.

  2. I saw that last pic on Instagram. I think JT is super cool.

  3. How did you not have the urge to just jump on over that rail??? I think I would have. >_< Oh dear god I can only imagine how close he actually was if that wasn't zoomed. Oh, how I live vicariously through you!

    1. Hahaha it was like nothing I've ever experienced. There were a lot of bouncers by the stage. If there weren't I would have attacked for sure.


  5. So, I'm stalking you through Michelle's blog. Let's discuss this concert, shall we? AMAZING comes to mind. Your pictures are great!

    I live near Albany, NY and he's coming here in July, so round two!

    PS: Meeting fellow NY bloggers (who don't live in the city) is rare. I'm glad I found you!

    1. That concert was UNREAL. I'm still not 100% convinced it really happened. That man is a little too perfect...

      Also, I've totally been silently stalking you for a couple weeks :)