Monday, December 2, 2013

What Makes me Smile...Holiday Edition

Now, that Thanksgiving is over, it's finally time to be openly obsessed with Christmas without the fear of people giving you the death glare...YAY!  Here's what I'm loving so far this holiday season...

watching every. single. one.

In LOVE with this idea.

22 Tacky Christmas Sweater Party Ideas | Sign me up!

Super cute gift wrapping ideas (here and here)

Umm...I NEED this sweater in my life. Pronto.


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Advent Calendar Ideas

25 Entertaining Decor Ideas for the Holidays

DIY Tacky Christmas Sweaters

Happy Christmas Season!


  1. I love all things Christmas :) and I really love that snow globe!!

  2. Hellooooo! I'm still alive :) and terribly behind on commenting/visiting. Forgive me? Please?

    Christmas is coming, so you can't be mad at me :P Methinks I should add you on Facebook so I can say hi on a more regular basis, if that's ok?

    And, as usual... I love EVERYTHING you've posted :)

    1. ohmygoodness! Absolutely no worries, girlfriend. I've been crazy busy and have about a million blog posts to catch up on/write. I'll find you on facebook right now :)