Saturday, January 25, 2014

On Making my own Happiness and Smiles( #15)

So, I haven't talked about it at all on here and I really wasn't going to because it's nobody's business but my own but I went through a break up a couple months ago (Tragic I know. I don't need a sob fest. That's literally all I've gotten from everyone I know and it's getting old). Since the break up I met a few men boys.  It was great at first...flirting with someone new is exciting and then they might ask you out on a date or two, you hang out, you get to know them, they tell you they really like you, and your hesitant  at first because your fresh out of a relationship and you don't want that yet, but then they sweet talk you and then you start to kinda, sorta like them back and WA-BAM! They turn out to be total douche bags. They decide to drop you like a ton of bricks.  They toy with your emotions. They bring you down. They make you feel incompetent and self-conscious. They decide you're not worth their time.


Okay, I have a point to this rant and it's this: I HATE BOYS & I'M TURNING INTO A LESBIAN!
I kid. I kid.

For realsies though, Toni asked today: how can you take charge of your own happiness?
Forget boys (or girls, or anyone else that's bringing you down). Enjoy your life. Get negativity out of your life. Take charge of your own happiness. ADOPT A KITTEN. Surround yourself with happy, positive people. BE YOU (unless you're miserable, then be some incredibly happy person).
And, vent to your best friend. That's what I did. She's my favorite human of all time...


SO, in honor of making my own happiness, and droppin' all d-bags from my life, here's what's made me smile this week...

She stretches and glides her body over a blank canvas... what she creates is amazing.

I just want to hand them out to everyone.

Cats About to Sneeze | HA!


23 Everyday Things That we Could all be Doing Better | READ THIS. Right meow.

The 15 Stages of Being Sick (told with puppy gifs)

The 9 Most Epic Texting Pranks of all Time | OMG.LOL

The 18 Best 90s Pop Songs You Forgot Existed | I certainly haven't forgot about some of these gems.


Have a fantastical weekend.

PS- I wrote this last night when I was really hyper and I may or may not have been drinking....

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  1. Oh my gosh the cats about to sneeze made my day. And I love those 90's songs you linked to - certainly brought back some memories :)