Sunday, January 20, 2013

According to Instagram...

Hey there, friend!

I had yet another beautiful week full of friends, family, love and laughter.
I think it's literally impossible to be any happier than I am right now.
I am beyond grateful for everyone and thing that's in my life.

Here's a little review of my week and everything I'm grateful for according to my Instagram...

This day was perfect.
I got to visit the horses I used to ride,
(read more here)

Bonding with my mane man...see what I did there?

and enjoyed the little things that made me smile and think of the beautiful night sky.

Back to work! One of the girls I babysit refused to clean up, 
so I flipped her over and used her hair like a mop!

Later that night I got to hang out with this cutie (his much older form...)
He told me this is the face he made when he first saw at first sight!

As the night was winding down, we put on a record and watched his lava lamp..
(I promise we aren't on drugs...we're just weird like that)

Nothing special, just an ordinary day at work..

and a gorgeous drive home.

On Wednesday,
I felt like doo-doo so I had the girls entertain themselves at work,

then read/slept when I got home.
(& missed my friend's birthday dinner...not cool)
I found out that the character in my book fell in love with the same guy I did...

On Thursday:
I reenacted Cinderella about a gajillion times with the girls.

was great.
Got together with all my best friends to celebrate Claire's 23rd birthday

Finally exchanged our Secret Santa gifts,
(Chelsea and I had one another and we both got each other animal shirts)

and reenacted a picture from six years ago!
We've all been best friends since high school and we're still going strong!
Love them so so much!

I started cleaning my room (again) and found some treasures,

fell in love with just about everything I saw at the Hobby Lobby,

got my Sevenly shirt in the mail

and went out with Kevin and his cousins!
(I wish I would've taken more pictures from this much fun!)

That's it for this week!
Until next time!

Samantha Lee

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