Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sunday Funday

Fun fact: I love horses.
2nd fun fact: I used to ride horses.

A few years ago my mom came home from work and told me that a lady she works with has a horse that just had a colt and she asked if I was interested in going over to see it.  Being the animal lover I am, I jumped on the opportunity.  That weekend my mom took my friend Jenn and I to the barn to check it out.  It was probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.  Everyone got to talking and next thing I know, I'm taking horse-back riding lessons!  My cousins, Katie and Sara got involved and one thing led to another and we started the Giddy Up Club!  

I rode for a few years until I got into friends, shopping, boys and being "too cool" for horse-back riding.
Deeply regret that decision...
BUT, this past Sunday, I got to visit the barn again (mega happy face)!

My cousin, Katie is the only one from the original Giddy Up girls that's kept up with riding. She competes on an Equestrian team at her school and just this past summer reconnected with our old riding instructor, Lynne.  Lynne is on vacation all this week and Katie was house and horse-sitting a little bit so Sara and I went with her to visit the horses.

I was in heaven.

I miss everything about it...
The smell of the barn, the velvety softness of a horse's snout, grooming the horses, saddling up, the mud, the twitching ears, the way the horse moves underneath you, random horse winnies. I could go on and on!
If Lynne would've been there, the trip would have been perfect.

Alright, enough of the babbling!
Here's a peak at my lovely Sunday...

And (as always) I'm shutter happy and took way too many pictures.
Oh, well...enjoy!








After this Sunday I am beyond grateful for these beautiful maned creatures, my cousins Katie and Sara, a (freakishly) warm winter day that allowed us to do this, slightly unfocused pictures, and seeing the beauty in everything around me.

I plan on going back real soon to visit with the horses again and hopefully Lynne too.

Thanks for checking in!


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