Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bird House

By now, you should be aware that I'm kind of a loser. 
(which is completely fine with me)

You should also know that I enjoy going to Joanne's and checking out all the holiday crafts they have in stock (and, of course, buy a bunch). Yeah, they might be for kids, but I friggen love 'em! 
(I do also buy the simpler crafts for the girls I babysit too...they love it)

This past week, I bought this Holiday Inspirations Valentine's foam house kit
(Don't worry, it was on sale)

So cute, right?

Last night my Nanny Mom texted me and said she's staying home with the girls and taking them to the doctors (they're so sick - sadface) so I got the day off!

I set my alarm to wake up at a decent time (hit the snooze three times), ate some breakfast, did an hour of yoga, danced around my kitchen to some music and got to work on my Valentine's house!

I'm actually really excited to find a place for it somewhere in my room 

I ended up changing where all of the little details went and I like it a lot better this way.

Happy (almost February!)


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