Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

I've decided that every Sunday I'm going to start sharing some of the pictures I posted on my Instagram to sum up my week and reflect on how grateful I am for everything that happened.  

WARNING: I take a lot of pictures.

Last Sunday I watched movies with my mom & Bruno, my kitty...
Then went to my Aunt's house where we ate homemade soup & played games all night.
This Mad Gab card made us laugh for a long time (sounds dirty)
(It's supposed to be pronounced: He's a crazy man)

On Monday, I rang in the New Year with the best people possible: my best friends since high school...
From left to right: Claire, Meghan, me, Kristen, Chelsea, Mel & Rachel
My oldest best friend, Mel. We've been friends since first grade!
 Since my boyfriend wasn't with me, my new year's kiss was his cousin & my best friend, Rachel...

On New Year's Day, I hung out with all my friends again at Chelsea's annual Christmas tree burning party..
They go to Home Depot after Christmas and get a TON of Christmas trees for free! They burn them all day & all night on their beach... so much fun!  (That's Buffalo in the background)

On Wednesday, it was back to work! 
(I babysit the most adorable two and a three year old)
In the evening, me and Kevin went to Record Theater...
I bought him a record player for his birthday and we've been going everywhere that we think might sell's been a lot of fun searching for his favorite artists (and a bit pricey too!)

Thursday was a relaxing day.  Me and my mom worked on the New Year's crossword puzzle (so hard!)...

Friday was perfect! I was surprised with a half day of work then Kevin & I went on a double date with my beautiful parents...
After dinner, we came home, drank wine, listened to Motown and played games..
I also had a good hair day...YAY!
(Two months ago I donated over a foot of my hair and I'm awful at getting my short hair the way I want's usually flipped every which way) 
I was also catified by my very best friend, Anne...hilarious!

On Saturday, I started cleaning my room and took down my Christmas decorations...
Got distracted & decided to make a New Year's Resolution list...
and then gave up all together to walk down to Kevin's house...
I'm also a complete dork and got really excited that this itty-bitty orange was inside of my regular orange..

That's it for this week! I told you I take a lot of pictures! 
To see all my pictures on Instagram...follow me: sbenzz

Samantha Lee

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