Sunday, February 3, 2013


I have a tight-knit group of friends from high school (there's 7 of us) who like to celebrate one another's birthdays by taking them out to dinner or throwing them some kind of party or go on a little adventure.

This past Thursday, my friends and I celebrated our friend Chelsea's 23rd birthday.

We planned to take her out to dinner and then to Firefly Cupcakes for some dessert.
But of course, we were running a bit late and decided to get dessert first since the place was closing at 9.

Yeah, we ate dessert before dinner and I highly recommend it.

It was so hard to pick which one to get!

I ordered Campy Cake (OBV)

They even decorated Chelsea's plate and gave her a candle to blow out!

Doesn't she make 23 look good?!

We're also planning something else for her next weekend that I'm very excited for.
Stay tuned for what's to come!


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