Sunday, February 3, 2013

According to Instagram

This past week looked a little something like this according to Instagram:

Had a yummy breakfast,
& tried doing yoga without stepping on cats.

Started doodling again

 and got crafty with the boy.

It started to get freakishly warm again (in the 60's)
so I took my girls for a walk,
 and doodled during nap time some more.

Played restaurant at work and ended up staring at my "menu" for 10 minutes 
(my waitress forgot about me)
enjoyed pretty skies,
and tried not to stop on cats during yoga again.

Had the day off of work so I got crafty with Valentines Day crafts & lots of glitter
(check out the finished product here)
 and celebrated Chelsea's 23rd birthday by eating dessert before dinner!

Started another Photo-a-Day chellenge
(see January's here)
 started cleaning my room (again... take 1, take 2),
realized I have lots of kitty stuff,
 And had the BEST family game night, ever.
We got drunk and talked in British accents the whole night.
Pretty darn sure I have a 6-pack from laughing so hard now.

Okay, seriously cat...MOVE!
 started painting a paint-by-number (my favs)
 and wore the best shirt ever to Sara's Lia Sophia jewelry party.
(I bought lots of pretty & expensive jewelry and am having a party of my own!)

So, that's it for this week!
If you want to see more or follow me on Instagram, my user name is sbenzz

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Super Bowl Sunday!
(I'll most likely be painting and just watching the commercials...)


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