Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day

So, I had this post planned to share with you on Valentine's Day, but clearly I missed it, so I chucked it out the window (maybe next year...)
I've been pretty busy this week making gifts and cookies and putting together packages for my faraway friends.
The post completely slipped my mind but I had a wonderful Valentine's Day week anyways.

I had planned on doing something sweet for all the people I care for most in my life.
I decided to make all my best friends and family (who live in a 10-15 minute distance...I had shows to watch!) some cookies and drop them off in their mailboxes the night before Valentine's Day so they had a sweet surprise on V-Day.

I spent Tuesday evening cutting out and baking the cookies.

And Wednesday, when I got home from work, I decorated them,

made little cards,

(^the Vincent's got a special card...obv)

packaged them up...

and secretly delivered them!

And I was only spotted once!

If I learned anything from delivering the cookies, it's that my friends really need to start closing their blinds!
Almost everyone had their blinds wide open and I could see some of them inside!!

My actual Valentine's Day was wonderful.

I brought lots of crafts for the girls to do at work,

 aren't their outfits adorable?!

got a super sweet valentine from my neighbors thanking me for the cookies I slipped in their mailbox,

and spent the rest of my evening with my valentine, who brought me roses and chocolate.

I am such a happy and loved girl!
Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day and week too!


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