Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Mailboxes

I wanted to do something special for the girls I watch for Valentine's Day.
I looked at a bunch of different crafts on Pinterest to make them but nothing really caught my eye.
Until I realized someone I follow on Instagram had a blog!
She makes the CUSTEST quiet book pages for her toddler (which is how I discovered her).
I was checking out her blog and BAM!
I found what I wanted to make the girls.

She had a free pattern and tutorial on the most adorable mini felt mailboxes!

I can't really tell you how long it took me to make because I did a little bit at a time over the past two weeks, but it was super easy!

I gave it to my girls a couple days before Valentine's Day and then put special treats in them on V-Day.

They loved it!

I wrote them each a letter that told them I loved them.

They both wrote me a letter right away..
And if you can't read 2/3 year old jibberish, both letters read: "I love you, Sam"

so, so cute!

The tutorial called for putting plastic canvas in between the felt pieces but I didn't have any of that at home. So, I just squirted some hot glue in between the pieces to make it a little more sturdy.  It worked well, but the flags were still floppy, so I would definitely recommend getting it for that!


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