Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's Making Me Smile

I've kind of been in a mid-winter funk lately.  
Not really wanting to do anything or go anywhere.
I've been mostly keeping to myself, preferably in my room.
Blah. Blah. Blah.

I don't like winter.
It's my least favorite season.
I like it for about...a week.
Usually the day after Christmas I say, "Bring on Spring!"
But of course, I live in Buffalo, New York where Mother Nature says,
"you've had enough snow? Okay, here's three more feet!"
That may be an exaggeration, but she's still kinda evil around these parts...
(We have had some breaks from the cold with freakishly warm weather, though. Thank goodness!)

Usually, when I'm' feeling blah-ish I like to listen to music, get crafty, find some inspiration, or just look at pretty things.

Here's a peek at what's keeping me going through these winter weeks:

Watercolor floral
Especially this print  by Elise from Grow Creative

"Cleaning" my room and finding sweet memories

Any paint swatch craft (is that fad over?)
I want to do this craft sooo bad, just different words!

The best blow-job pictures ever!
(with a leaf blower, of course!)

Keeping busy


(But seriously, who's buying me this?! I'll be your Valentine!)

Anything Coral or Mint.

Yolanda Pettinato and her amazing yoga dvds

A Beautiful Mess' (my favorite blog) Instax Wallpaper
Doing this to every wall of my future home...not really, but how fun is it?!

And of course, these two handsome fellas.

Thanks for reading!
What keeps you going through the winter?


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