Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cape Cod {Pt. 1}

This past summer I graduated from college and was blessed with a trip to Cape Cod as my graduation gift from my parents.  I was absolutely thrilled.  And of course, I asked Kevin to go with me.  My parents paid for our stay at the Wellfleet Motel and Lodge (totally reasonable prices and a pretty decent distance from everything around the cape!)  It was the first trip Kevin and I ever went on together as a couple and we had an absolute blast!

Looking back on our trip I am incredibly happy with everything, although, I do wish we visited Martha's Vineyard (we didn't know what to do to get there) and I wish we would have discovered Provincetown sooner.  One thing we did that I absolutely loved was find a different beach to visit every single day.  It was so much fun just driving down different side streets, map and camera in hand, in search for the nearest view of the ocean.

I find myself looking through these pictures a lot and desperately wishing I was back there.
 I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you.
I took literally hundreds of pictures, so I'm going to split the pictures up into a couple different posts so I don't overwhelm you with too much awesome-ness.

Here's Day 1 and 2:
It took us about 8-9 hours to drive from Buffalo to the Cape.
Kevin drove the whole time (whatta trooper).
On day 1 we checked into our room then explored the area a little bit before finding somewhere to eat, watching the sunset and crash for the night.
On the second day we visited the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.
I'm a nature girl so that was awesome!  There was SO many fiddler crabs which fascinated me.
I wish I would've gotten more pictures of them!
After the Wildlife Sanctuary, we went off to explore another beach which was full of washed up mini starfish...so cool!


Is it okay to be jealous of your past self?
That's exactly how I feel when looking at these pictures!
Take me baaaaaack!

Stay tuned for more Cape Cod posts!


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