Sunday, March 24, 2013

The List

I recently came across Karissa's blog tragic & lovely.
One of the first things I noticed  about her blog was that she had a "Lists" tab.
Now, if you know me, you probably already know that I love making lists.
I make way too many. I have so many laying around my room, stuffed in books/planners, in my purse, on my nightstand, in my phone...

Yeah, see that? 19 lists. 
{intervention may be needed...}

But anyways! Back to Karissa's List tab.
She makes a list of goals every year for her birthday to accomplish before her next birthday.
She just turned 25 this year so she wants to accomplish 25 goals before she turns 26.
Awesome, right? Right.

It inspired me to make my own list for my upcoming birthday.
I'm turning 23 (ohmygod) this Friday.
I'm starting to come up with my own 23 goals to accomplish before I turn 24 (OHMYGOD) next year.

Here's what I have so far...

1. Thank God for what he's given me every single day
2. Take a girl's road trip to visit Aunt Laurie & Uncle Chris in Florida!
3. Get crafty as much as possible (at least 10 new crafts)
4. Watch a meteor shower from start to finish
5. Finish knitting a scarf
6. Run a 5K (The Color Run!!!)
7. Apply for a teaching job in Florida...(why not? I have nothing to lose!)
8. Get a great beach bod (before summer)
9. When life's throwing me curve balls...remember to BREATHE!
10. Take day trips/drives...explore wny
11. Visit friends more (near & far)
12. Get organized, damnit.
13. Cook more for Mama & Papa Bear (10 new recipes)
14. Yoga. Yoga. Yoga.
15. Get that Hummingbird tattoo with Sara & Katie
16. Go out with friends more (karaoke?)
17. Do a random act of kindness every month!
18. Buy a plant and keep it alive
19. Be more confident

Now, some of these goals may seem familiar from my 2013 goals, but that's okay.  I'm only human and I have a life (kind of) outside of my bliggidy blog so it's not like I can focus on 50-something goals to accomplish this year. That's just nutso.  So here they are. My 23 before 24. 

 Any suggestions for the last few? 
Let me know!

Samantha Lee


  1. Yay!! Lists are so cool. I LOVE your goals :)

    1. Thanks kb! I have you to thank for this awesome idea!! =)

  2. It looks like moving to Florida is on both of our list! My new career goal is to drive a water taxi at Disney. I have had business success, now it's time to just help other people have fun all day! And if I can do that on the water, it would be the best! Change #17 to every day - I'm telling you, it will bless your life like crazy! By doing 19, you will definitely accomplish 18. Add to your list to throw a Pinterest dinner party... so much great food that never looks like the pic :)

    1. A water taxi driver at Disney sounds would be a ball! #17, noted & done. I'm crossing my fingers for 18! (I once killed a cactus...that's bad) And a Pinterest party is the best idea ever! Thanks so much!