Saturday, January 26, 2013

2013 goals

By now, we're deep into January and of course, with the way my mind works, I'm still thinking about New Year's resolutions... I'm not sure if it's the procrastinator in me, or I really want to stick with my list so I keep thinking about it, or maybe it's just because I like making lists...
(I'm kind of obsessed with making's weird)

But anyways, I made a new list.  I much lengthier version of this list.
I guess I'm feeling ambitious.
We'll see how it goes.

I'm also not calling it "resolutions" anymore, that seems too permanent and intimidating.
I prefer "goals."  It seems like a nicer and way more flexible word.

So here they are... all 18 of them 
(and don't be surprised if another goal pops up in the next few weeks..)

Be positive - I've struggled with this in the past... A LOT.  I plan on writing a post about the struggles and how I'm staying positive and (much) happier this year.
Start a blog & stick with it - first part...check! So far, so good!
Eat healthy, be healthy, stay healthy - ...workin' on it! Doing pretty good so far.
Read 15 new books - Proud to say I already have two of the fifteen books read and working on the third! (Maybe I should have made a more ambitious goal with that one...) check 'em out here!
Send more snail mail (cards, letters, little gifts) - so much fun to send and receive!
Save enough money to get an apartment - fingers crossed for summertime! I was really dreaming with that one #broke
Try 10 new crafts - Quilting is my numero uno project this year, as well as actually finishing knitting a scarf (I have three I'm in the middle of....who does that?)
Try 10 new recipes - One down, Nine to go! (prepare for recipes including Nutella)
Love with all you heart, every single day! - Hehe, this one's kinda easy but some days you need to be reminded to love fully and be grateful for everything in your life. (You should also know that I always put something that's incredibly easy to accomplish on almost all my lists)
Listen to music everyday - Music makes me incredibly happy, so it's a must in my daily routine to staying happy.
See more live music - I need to add, "especially with Kevin." I've never seen anyone so appreciative and so much in love with music as Kevin.  He's that person that just says "wow" and smiles uncontrollably when he hears something he likes (so cute).
Go tent camping! - hell yeah! So much fun.
Find a teaching job - easier said than done... (this is where I need to MAJORLY work on my "be positive"-ness)
Get rid of things you don't wear/ need - Seriously, Sam. Do it, ya packrat! (yeah, I talk to myself)
Get organized and stay organized - *eye-roll* every day battle...
Do a random act of kindness each month - So gratifying.
Clean the woods behind Mom and Dad's house - I meant to do this last summer but it got away from me. I have to do it this year! I look at it in disgust every time I drive by.
Run a 5K! - SUPER excited for this one! A friend told me about the Color Run which is coming to Buffalo this summer and I can't stop thinking about it!! Time to get in shape! Read about it here!

So there it is!
My very ambitious list for 2013.
Stay tuned as I make this list my bee-otch!
(wow, maybe I should put "stop being a complete loser" on here...)


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