Sunday, May 19, 2013

A day in the life...

Okay, so on Wednesday I decided to switch up two of the topics of the challenge.
You can find today's original prompt (favorite blogs) here
Today, I'm sharing a day in the life (photo-an-hour...kind of).

My Sunday's are usually very laid back (like today was) and not very exciting.

Usually I wake up around 9 on the, I woke up at 11:45.  That never happens but I was out dancing and drinking my face off and celebrating one of my best friend's graduation (she got her Masters!! Goooo Meghan!)  until four in the morning...oops.   But, thanks be to God, I didn't have a hangover...seriously a miracle.
Anyways, usually on the weekends I wake up by being bombarded with at least one of my was typical. I had Bruno first (obv...we're in love)
not sure why he looks like a scary, super shocked owl in this picture but he wasn't cooperating with me so this is what you get...
and then Daisy joined us...
these pictures were taken with my iphone so they're awful. Please forgive me.
Then I showered and got ready for the day and my boy texted me and asked if I wanted to run to Tim Hortons with him (duh, babe. duh.)
He loves when I take millions of pictures of him..can't ya tell?
Then I snuggled Bruny some more and tried to show off my new Sevenly shirt

 Next, I enjoyed some sunshine and our little oasis on my back deck

I worked on some cards to sell and watched the clouds

Then I went to AC Moore because I had a 50% off coupon that needed to be used...
found the BEST stamps everrrrrr (and on clearance!)
Then Dad and I grilled some hot dogs for dinner, I made more cards and now here I am...bliggidy blogging, watching The Life of Pi and waiting for the boy to get out of work and come over!

Ohh, my boring Sunday life!
Not complaining though...this week has been nuts and I needed to relax.
Hope your Sunday was relaxing, too.


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