Monday, May 13, 2013

According to instagram, a new favorite song & an apology

According to Instagram my week was pretty darn beautiful...

Enjoyed some more Spring weather & a sleeping kitty at work
My crabapple tree budded, bloomed and lost all it's petals in a matter of days.
Admired the usual
& went to Rochester to see Tyler Hilton, Teddy Geiger & Ryan Cabrera with Anne and Caressa

And for this week's music monday post...a song by Tyler Hilton:
I kinda fell in love with him on Friday...and I may or may not have told him that as he was signing my CD...
not ashamed one bit. nope.

And finally, day 13 of the Blog Everyday in May challenge:
issue a public apology.  

Well, the first thing that popped into my mind was Kevin (as usual). So here it is, babe: I'm sorry for taking endless amounts of pictures of you and everything around us, no matter where we go.  I'm not sorry for seeing the beauty in everything (like, absolutely everything) but I am sorry for wasting probably many hours of your time for taking "one more picture" (which is always more like 27 more pictures).  I know it's annoying and probably embarrassing sometimes when I have to get all sorts of weird angles and at least ten pictures of the same thing.  And then when my card is full I have to pick which pictures I want to delete (which is none of them...ever) which takes about ten more minutes of just standing around.  Ya just can't take me anywhere, huh? 
I'm also sorry for only ever venting my problems and frustrations to you and only you (you're such a good listener).  I'm also sorry for making you listen to my music all the time (which I know you hate but would never tell me that).  I'm sorry for always talking to you in my Bruno voice (Bruno loves it, you should too).  Sorry for always tickling you (hint: if you weren't so cute squirming around like that, I probably wouldn't do it as much).  I'm sorry for my mood swings, my distance-ness when I'm angry and sometimes taking my anger out on you even though it's not your fault at all.  I'm also sorry for always doing weird things to you, like blowing in your ear and then pretending I didn't do it and blaming it on the cat or that random old man walking by or, of course, the window being open.  I'm sorry for having so many cats, I'm not, they're my babies.  But I am sorry for not being sorry though.   

Good Lord, why do you like me, again?!
I'm so, so, so very blessed to call you mine.
I love you, baby and again...sorry 
(but not that sorry because you know I'll just keep doing all these things...except I'll work on the anger parts)

Happy Monday!

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