Sunday, May 12, 2013

Missing things & a Happy Mother's Day

Salamander races at camp with the cousins
I miss being a kid.  Or even just being in high school.  I didn't have a care in the world (other than a zit or two).  Life was eeeeeasy.  I miss the time where I didn't have bills to pay, and student loans to take care of, and worrying about how much money I have in my bank account and if I can buy a few gallons of gas to get to and from work without overdrawing or not being able to see movies or go out to dinner as much as I would like because I'm so damn poor.  I crave for the times when my friends were the focus of my entire life, when I could pig out on crappy foods and not gain a pound, or when I didn't have to worry about searching and searching for a job and applying to a ton of schools and wondering if I'm ever going to get called in for an interview.  Oh man, how I wish I was a kid again.  Being an adult can really suck sometimes.

I'm the awkward one in tye-dye that looks like I'm not wearing any pants...
We collected $100 worth of cans and bottles to donate to the Red Cross after 9/11
again with the tye-dye...
Loving life at the top of the rock with my cousies

But ya know what?  Even though life is stressful sometimes and I'm mega broke, and I'll be living with my parents for the rest of eternity, I still love my life more than anything.  Not having money challenges me to find things to do with my friends and boyfriend that doesn't cost money (and there's so much to do!).  I'm grateful that these things are making me responsible and it's showing me what the real world's all about.  I certainly can't go on shopping sprees every month (although, sometimes it's okay to splurge on those super cute shoes, or that flattering shirt), or dish out a ton of money on things that I really don't need (just want) or pamper myself.  I've always been kind of cheap, which at this point in my life is a-okay with me.  

ALSO! Happy Mother's Day to the most wonderful mother a girl could ask for, like ever. 
You da bomb, mama bear!
(I made a post about her a few days ago which you can find here)

& a big fat Happy Day to all you other mother's out there.  You all seriously rock!


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