Friday, May 3, 2013

Blog Challenge: Day 2 & 3

Okay, I'm just playing catch up because I started the blogging challenge late last night so I'm squeezing day two and three together into one post.

Day 2:  Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at.
Huh...okay.  Well, let's see.  This is kind of a tough one because I don't think I'm an expert on anything except putting things off, which if that was my occupation, I'd be a millionaire.  I know a lot about teaching children but I think that would be a really boring post.  Things I'm good at would be anything artsy but I'm sure as heck not educated in the subjects because I just like to tinker around with things.  I experiment with my painting and drawing and sewing and am constantly getting into new artsy-fartsy hobbies.  I never use templates or patterns or sketch things out first.  I just dive right in and do it.  So, umm...I guess I'll just put this question off for now... (see what I did there?)

Day 3: Things that make you uncomfortable.
Ahh, this one's easy.  I hate being the center of attention.  Always. (unless I have a few in me...)  Even in front of family I get weirdly uncomfortable. I hate opening birthday gifts or Christmas presents in front of everyone and being put on the spot.  I get embarrassed easily in front of large groups of people and turn beet red. (Wine also makes my cheeks real rosy, which makes me get uncomfortable that people think I'm embarrassed when I'm not...) I think I'm just afraid of disappointing someone or not saying or doing the right thing. And don't even get me started on when I have to actually talk to a large group of people for a presentation.  I don't know...I'm super duper self-conscious and mega shy in person, if you couldn't tell. 
Other things that make me uncomfortable: spiders, talking on the phone, approaching people, motorcycles, hanging out with people I don't know, money (or lack there of), I could probably go on and on but y'all would probably think I'm a slight psycho...



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