Sunday, June 30, 2013


I am the worst blogger of all the bloggers in the history of blogging....
As mentioned a couple days ago (in this post) I haven't been blogging lately. I've been in a very large and deep slump which I believe I'm beginning to finally come out of....thank the heavens!

Here's a little Instagram review from the past three weeks....

   ducklings and pretty flowers at Hospice
 cute shirts, looking up and messes at work
 a rose from Grandpa, mama bear and pressing Grandpa's roses
 sunshine and pretty skies
 carnations from the best, Starry Night in the Gardens and a pretty hometown view
gorgeous skies and my favorite girls at Zac Brown Band

 weekend camping skies...yuck! But do you see the old man's profile?
Did I tell you about my accident that turned out to be a true blessing?!  Well, Friday the 14th (the day my Grandpa passed) I was driving home from work when an old man pulled out of a gas station and straight into my car. (apparently my car was wearing an invisibility cloak?) Anyways, I pulled into a parking lot right next to the gas station so I could get all his information.  I promptly called my Daddy because I've never been in an accident before and I had no idea what to do--which I also told the old man that hit me and he took complete advantage of that and told me I didn't need to call the cops, it wasn't a big deal, he probably had more damage on his car (he had a friggen scratch on his BIMMER), and that the accident wasn't his fault...I'm sorry...WHAT?! (old people shouldn't drive.)  Then came the water works.  Of ALL the days of the year this old man chose the day my Grandpa passed to run into me...really now?  Seriously, just my luck.   

And then who pulls into the parking lot?  My mom, all my aunts and my Grandma.  I immediately thought that my dad called them and they got so worried that the whole friggen family had to pile into the car to come to my aid.  I was embarrassed and angry.  Until my mom told me that the parking lot we were all standing in was the parking lot to the funeral home they were having my Grandpa's services at that weekend and they had an appointment with the director at 3:00 (my accident happened at 2:40).  

Now how freaky is that? Of all the days in the year to get hit, of all the places for it to happen and all the time in the day to happens right when my family's already on their way...and my mom is the only person that can truly comfort me at a time like that and she was there.

I guess if God had to make the accident happen, he made it happen under the best circumstances possible.
Thanks for looking out for me Grandpa.


ps...I got a nice chunk of change from the old man's insurance company (my car was just $400 short of being totaled).  I think the claims adjuster felt sorry for me and wasn't too fond of the old man with a brand new fancy car that doesn't know how to drive.  Works for me! =)

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