Monday, July 22, 2013

Oh hey...

Welp, it's official...
Me + summertime + blogging = just not happenin'

I just want to be outside, swimming in the pool, listening to the birds singing and cicadas buzzing, roasting marshmellows, sipping wine slushies, reading in the sunshine, etc. etc.

I thought I'd share some favorite pictures from a local garden walk my mom and I went on a couple weekends ago.  I have a lot of pictures (as usual) so I split it up into two posts. 

It was a 90 degree day (+ humidity) so we got pooped quickly and drove around to most of the houses.  But it sure was fun getting sneak peeks at people's little oasis backyards and dreaming big for my own garden some day...

Hope your summer's going well!


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