Saturday, October 26, 2013

A memorial

Grandpa's Hospice Brick
"The only alternative to never grieving is never having established a close, loving, and happy relationship with anyone.  If we have a strong fulfilling relationship in our lives, then we are eventually going to experience grief.  We should remind ourselves that our deep feelings of loss are only evidence of our ability to care truly for another and to enjoy life with another - and we would be lonely, unhappy souls without such capacity."

This past Wednesday my family and I were invited to a memorial service honoring all those that passed away in the past year at Hospice. We went in memory of my Grandpa who passed away in June.  At the service, they had two women that sang, played the guitar, piano and flute before and throughout the ceremony. They also had different people involved in/working at Hospice read some reading that were all so thoughtful and heartwarming for all the grievers. They even honored the veterans with a flag ceremony and playing of the Bugle Taps (gets me every time). A candle lighting ceremony was also performed at the ceremony.  A flame was silently passed around the room from neighbor to neighbor.  It was so moving and powerful.  Lastly, they asked each morning family to provide a picture and little blurb about their loved one to share in a photo montage. It was an absolutely beautiful service. Thank the lord Hospice provided a box of tissues in every row of seating. I was a blubbering mess. 

One of the musicians played In My Life by The Beatles and it was absolutely, wonderfully perfect. I found this video of Jason Mraz singing it (swoon).

I'm so grateful for places like Hospice.  They provided the best care for my grandpa in his last few days as well as the rest of my family.  All the nurses and workers were so kind and accommodating. Although the circumstances were awful, I really do love that place.

Rest in Paradise, Gramps.
I love you more.


  1. This sounds like it was a beautiful remembrance my friend. He looks like a happy soul. Grandparents are so special aren't they? They really shape us and who we are - giving us a lifetime of smile-inducing memories.

    1. You are so so so right. He was one of the funniest, warm-hearted people I will probably ever come to know. He is missed by so many.