Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Findley Lake, NY

A few weeks ago the girls in my family decided to take a little day trip to Findley Lake. What an amazing idea that was.  The trip down was about an hour/hour and a half through the back roads of western New York. And the trees were just about at their peak. It was a gorgeous drive and an even better day to walk around the little old town of Findley Lake. The town had such charm, I was in my glory and I had a smile on my face the whole time. Not to mention I was with my favorite girls in all the world!  We walked around and visited all the stores, antique shops and boutiques, ate a delicious meal (that had concord grape vinaigrette salad dressing...uh-mazing), drove around the lake to dream about some day living in the quaint houses and simply enjoyed the fall view in each others company.  
The day was pretty magical.  I fell in love with the town and I can't wait to go back very soon. 



  1. What a happy looking family. Smiles all around. This looks like an amazing place. I need to add Findley Lake to my travel bucket list.

    1. It's such a tiny, charming town. They even had street performers and a hot dog stand! So perfect.