Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Taking Stock

Got this awesome idea from Amanda over at Eloquent English

Making: lists and art just for me (finally). 
Cooking: more dinners for mom and dad.
Drinking: tea, tea and more tea. I've tripled my tea intake lately. Stupid sore throat.
Reading: too many blogs.
Wanting: success and my own apartment with Kevin. 
Looking: for motivation.
Playing: ruzzle
Wasting: time watching too much tv on days I don't work...
Sewing: nothing.
Wishing: I had motivation to get off my lazy butt and exercise.
Enjoying: days off and having the house to myself. Cue solo dance parties!
Waiting: for November 6th to come faster!
Liking: making new blogger friends and getting things done.
Wondering: how Bruno got so handsome.
Loving: warm kitty cuddles on chilly nights.
Hoping: my future becomes more clear soon.
Marveling: over the fact that October is almost over...
Needing: new fancy work clothes.
Smelling: fall scented yankee candles.
Wearing: lots of layers, scarves and boots.
Following: my dreams.
Noticing: the freezing weather is quickly approaching. yuck.
Knowing: I need to watch what I eat... bleh.
Thinking: about how awesome November is going to be.
Bookmarking: The Great Gatsby 
Opening: paint tubes. YAY!
Giggling: at Vine videos. (especially this one)
Feeling: grateful. always.

What are you up to lately?


  1. Fall scented Yankee candles are awesome aren't they? What's your favorite scent?
    And your future will become clear in time my friend. I have a feeling you have lots of happiness in store in life.

    1. We have Autumn Wreath, and an apple scented candle over here...they both smell amazing!!
      And thank you. I always try to stay positive but it's a little scary when you're not sure which way you're life is heading. But I guess that's part of the adventure, isn't it?