Saturday, November 2, 2013

A few things...

Happy Saturday & November, friends!
A few things...

1. Hope everyone's Halloween was stellar. Mine was awesome.  I went to a Masquerade Witches Ball in downtown Buffalo with some friends...uh-mazing.  It was in the Hotel Lafayette and was absolutely ginormous. There were hundreds of people there and a band and a bar in every room....genius. 

2. Chasing Happy is doing a Thankful Project for the month of November. I'm doing should join in too!!

3. Today is my best friend Mel's 23rd birthday!! And I want to dedicate Day 1 of the Thankful Project to this little lady.
We have been best friends since first grade.  That's 17 stinkin' wonderful years as best friends, guys.  I am beyond blessed to have this angel as one of my very best friends.  She is the sweetest, most compassionate and loyal friend I girl could possibly wish for.  I know she would drop everything in an instant to help me with absolutely anything. I'm so stinkin' lucky to be able to call her my buddy ol' pal! I love you Mel Bell! You're the absolute best!!

4. Day 2 of the Thankful Project is a role you play. Easy...a teacher. I adore being a teacher. It is the most rewarding and spectacular job in the world.  Shaping, aiding and teaching children has always been my dream job. I'm currently a substitute teacher for the school district I live in and I absolutely love it.  I've already met hundreds of students and I get such a thrill when I hear a child call down the hall, "Miss Benzin! Miss Benzin! I miss you!" Or when I see their face light up and they run up and hug me.  It's such a heart-warming experience to be able to connect with children and make them love coming to school and be excited to learn. I could go on and on, but I'll spare you the mushy emotions and crazy long're welcome.

5. I'll do an October round-up tomorrow! 

Hope your weekend's wonderful.


  1. Happy birthday to your friend Mel. Lifelong friends are a treasure aren't they? What's your favorite subject to teach when you sub?

    1. I love ELA. I love reading to the kids as well as reading the kids stories. They're always so creative with their writing. :)