Wednesday, January 22, 2014

making others happy, future look backs, feel good songs and my bod

Okay so here's the dealio...I totally wrote last Friday's post for Toni's New Years Project but it kind of slipped my mind to schedule it to post automatically.  Then I took a little road trip with my best friend Anne to go to the Baltimore/DC area to visit my other best friend Alison (pictures coming soon) and Monday and Tuesday's posts were completely abandoned.  But no worries, I'll make it all up to you right meow!

Fool proof ways to make others happy:
SEND SOME SNAIL MAIL. Everybody loves getting mail that's not, for once, bills or bank statements.

COMPLIMENT THEM. Do you like that lady's sweater? haircut? purse? Tell her. I guarantee she'll appreciate it. You think that boy has a nice smile? Tell him. (I did it this weekend in Baltimore..thanks to my friend vodka, and it ended well) Why not, dude? The worst thing that could happen is that he gives you a dirty look and then you'll never see him again...oh well! 

SURPRISE THEM. Not in a surprise them at the doorstep with your presence when their house is a mess way.  Surprise them with a little gift you saw at the store that reminded you of them.  Make them some cookies and drop them in their mailbox or on their doorstep. 

TEXT/CALL THEM. And simply say I love you. Or ask how they're doing. Or how that big project turned out. Or that you were simply thinking of them. It'll make them feel loved. And how doesn't love that.

SIMPLY SMILE.  Seriously, a simple smile at a stranger can effect their day in the best way possible. And who knows, maybe they'll pass that smile onto someone else and make someone else's day.  And the chain continues and why, look at that! You've made 10 people smile today. You rock.  

Next year, I want to look back and and be proud that I . . .
-was grateful every day
-got the courage to pack up and move
-grew (mentally and emotionally)
-didn't hold grudges
-met my goals
-followed my dreams
-was brave enough

My feel good songs:
I'm in love with a million songs and I'm kind of having a brain fart as I sit here and try to think of my favorites... Here are the first few, very random songs that popped into my head...

Junior Senior - Move Your Feet

I don't know why but this song always puts me in a good mood...
Blind Melon - No Rain

And pretty much anything Sara Bareilles..
Sara Bareilles - King of Anything

What don't you like about your body? What are some steps can you take to accepting and maybe loving your body?
 Wellllllll, let's see. I break out a lot and I've tried a butt load of different things to try to keep the acne at bay, but nothing works for more than a couple days or weeks. I'm extremely self-conscious about it and try to hide behind my hands, scarves, whatever.  Got any tips? Let me knowwww.
I'm also pretty uncomfortable with my weight at times. Bingo arms, rolls and that bloated feeling can really make a lady feel "blahhhh."  But all those things are a pretty easy fix with some exercise and eating right.  If only someone could give me some motivation to get off this couch...
But lately I've come to realize that what others think about my body shouldn't be as important.  It should be my attitude and personality they should be focusing on and not my blemishes and imperfections. And if they can't see past those things, they're certainly not worth my time. I love me for me, flaws and all.  And I hope you do too. Everyone's beautiful in their own way.

Hope your week is going well, my friends.

PS: Just booked a flight to Florida to meet with some schools. Crappin' my pants over hereeee.

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  1. I am a firm believer that sincere compliments can do a world of wonders for a person, and yes they are a surefire way of making others happy :)