Wednesday, January 29, 2014

She brings out the best in me...

Easy. My best friend Anne.
She has stuck with me and has been my very best friend through the hardest and most fun (because of her) years of my life.  We met on our very first day of classes at college, a Monday night class called Music, Play with Yourself....or something like that (It was actually called Music, Play and Self...but for obvious reasons we changed the name...because we're super mature, that's why).  Anne stalked me from my dorm building all the way to the classroom door. It was a very awkward walk because I wasn't positive of where I was going and I had some creeper smile at me every time I turned around to see if she was still following me. Once I got to the classroom, the professor still wasn't there and the room was locked and the other students were sitting on the floor so I popped a squat and who sits next to me? That smiley creeper that followed me all the way there!!! And immediately she beamed and said, "Hi! I'm Anne!" I'm pretty sure I gave her the most terrified look and stammered out a "uhhh..yo no hablo ingles!" I'M JOKING, although I'm semi-convinced she wasn't even originally in that class.  Pretty sure she just followed me there and begged the professor to stay so she could become my future lesbian lover...Well folks, it totally worked. 

Since she asked me out on our first date (to see some Batman movie with my ex as a third wheel...AWK) we've been inseparable. I can't even count how many times I've flat out sobbed from laughing so hard with this little lady.  I owe all my sanity and good times in college to her.  

Since we graduated we don't see each other too often with our busy work schedules and what not but when we get together... Wo0oOo baby, world! WATCH OUT!

She's always been there for me, no matter the distance. We snapchat (obv, who doesn't?) all day and she's always sending me hilarious memes and links that make my entire week.  

She knows all my secrets, lets me vent all my ridiculous problems to her without judgement and 110% supports and encourages me in absolutely everything I do.  She means the world to me and I honestly wouldn't be the person I am today without her amazing presence in my life.

I love you, Anne.  
I thank God every day for your awesome stalking abilities ;)
Thanks for bringing out the best in me.


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