Thursday, January 30, 2014

100 Happy Days (1/4) and a letter

Twenty-five days ago I decided to join the 100 Happy Days Challenge. Best decision ever. The challenge is super simple (post a picture of something that made you happy, everyday, for 100 days) and it's mega-rewarding.  I'm obsessed with taking pictures so taking one picture a day isn't difficult for me at all.  And finding something that made me smile, even after a super crappy day, is usually pretty easy (and it's usually one of my cats or the sky...).  I'm a quarter of way through the challenge and haven't even almost missed a day.  Being happy and grateful and finding things in my every day life that I'm thankful for has become a way of life for me.  And I couldn't be happier.
Here's what I've been happy for the past few weeks...
Happy thinking. Happy heart. Happy attitude. Happy life.
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Second to last day of The New Years Project (!!!) says:
Write a letter to your future child on what you've learned about happiness.

Hey kiddo,

It's your mama. I'm only 23 and you are nowhere on my radar screen yet but I already know I will love you with all my heart...maybe even more than Bruno, but let's not push it right now. I'm here to tell you about a little thing called happiness.  You need to know that being happy didn't always come easy for me. I used to be unhappy with my life, my relationships, my body, a lot of things really.  I got pretty damn good at pretending I was okay, but deep down, I was miserable.

Then I met a boy that completely changed my life, in the best way possible.  He showed me what love really felt like and how a man should treat a lady. He showed me what happiness truly was.  We sadly grew apart but he'll forever remain in my heart as a very special and important person in my life.  I hope to God you'll find someone just as special as he was to me.
During and after our relationship, I also started loving myself, my life and those around me.  I became closer to my friends, made more friends and kind of blossomed in a small way.  I realized that if you just stay positive, your life can take a drastic turn for the absolute better. A positive attitude leads to a positive life.  

Happiness to you, as a child, may be waking up on Christmas morning and unwrapping a bunch of gifts or getting a cell phone fresh out the womb (kidding, you're not getting one until your in high school, sorry not sorry) or maybe happiness is simply getting your way.  And that's okay, little one, because eventually you'll learn that material things aren't the only thing that can make you extremely happy.  Don't get me wrong, I used to be the same way. I loved getting new toys, clothes, a new phone, etc. but as I grew up, I've learned that happiness can be found in the simplest of places.  Whether it's in the soft tickle of a kitty's whiskers on your face, the first signs of Spring, watching a sunset or sunrise alone, receiving a smile from a stranger, or your favorite song coming on the radio.  

I just want you to know that happiness can be pretty darn easy to find, if you simply look at the right things, in the right way. Open your mind and your heart.  Be confident and brave.  Follow your dreams.  Love everything that God has given you. 

Oh, and don't do drugs. 

Love, mama bear


  1. What an amazing letter! Wow. You should really give this to your child someday. And yes we really do find ourselves sometimes after love ends don't we? And by doing that, we open ourselves up to a love greater than any we've ever imagined.

    1. Thank you, Keith :) I am beyond grateful for the love and life I found during and after my relationship and I can't wait to see how it'll unfold in my future...

  2. yay! I'm so excited that this challenge has been rewarding for you! I have been enjoying the challenge myself, it's like a daily reminder to be happy

    1. I am SO happy you were able to introduce me to it :) Thanks a million!

  3. I love your letter. That's one lucky kid you are going to have someday!