Thursday, February 13, 2014

BIG news

Hey, friends.  Sorry I've been MIA for two weeks, I've been in Florida (again) and I have some BIG HUGE FREAKIN' GINORMOUS news.

I. Got. A. Job. 

In Florida.
Doing what I love.
Teaching 4th grade.

It all happened so quickly and SO easily.

I flew in Tuesday night, around 7pm, got dinner with my aunt and uncle, was incredibly happy that it was around 70 degrees outside, yadda-yadda-yadda.  The next morning I had a meeting with Osceola's district recruiter at 9:30.  He gave me a mini informal interview and excused himself to make a couple phone calls to the few schools that were hiring at the time. When he came back into the room he asked if I was interested in meeting with one of the schools right now.  My reaction was, "what?! You mean right now, right now?!" He chuckled and said yes and not to worry because I'd be "dynamite." So, I headed over to the school and called my mama semi-freaking out because I thought I'd have more time to prepare for an actual interview.  When I got there the principal, assistant principal and two teaching coaches were ready for me in their conference room.  They asked a bunch of typical teaching interview questions and gave me a few classroom scenarios and what I would do for each.  After they asked me all my questions and I (very) nervously responded, they asked me to give them a few minutes to discuss everything and I went into the office lobby to wait (very impatiently) for their response to the interview.  They called me back in and told me a little about their school and warned me that the class is a little difficult, behavior wise and academically. And then, they offered the job.  I immediately accepted.  I was a little too excited about the whole situation and later thought that I probably should have thought about it a little before accepting and asked some more questions about everything.  But, I was antsy and mega-excited and said bring it on! 

So, there I was, an actual teacher after a short two and a half hours!
And then I had an entire week to relax.  Just about the best Florida trip ever.
I'm a happy girl.

Here's to chasing your dreams!


  1. I am so so so happy for you Samantha! You deserve it.

    1. Thank you SO much, Keith!! I'm crazy excited to start this new adventure in my life :)

  2. Congrats girly! Super happy for you!! When's the official start date?

    1. Thank you, Nicole!! :) I'm moving down in a week and starting February 24th! Everything's happening so quickly but I'm very excited about it!!