Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

Here's what a speedy week full of gratitude looks like: 

Last Sunday:
I relaxed deeply with the family and tried out my new watercolor paints!
I've becoming quickly obsessed and want to paint every second!

I had off from work and spent the day roaming the mall with Kevin.
Saw this at Anthropolie (so cool)
and this on the drive home.
(Canada disappeared...AHH)
I also participated in a 5 shot challenge, but I'll probably make a separate post on that, maybe.

It started getting really cold & quite beautiful

And then there was snow...

Lots and lots of snow...

and some chicken wings with very dear friends at Duff's!
(finally popped that Duff's cherry!)


Had a great morning cuddling at work,
 Reminisced about being young,
had a coffee date with the hunkiest man I know,
 made some popcorn, and settled down for a movie

Spent the morning sipping cappuccino and working on some blog posts. 
 I also enjoyed little things like matching socks,
 and spending the evening with my handsome boyfriend.

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Thanks for checkin' in!


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