Sunday, February 17, 2013

Life According to Instagram

I seriously can't believe we're half way through February already!
It's scary and exciting how fast time flies, sometimes.

My week looked a little like this, according to Instagram...

Last Sunday:
I received this wonderful picture of my man enjoying a morning ski,
 and finally got to hear him play out again!
(Thank you to all you wonderful people who came out to see him play!)

I guess nothing really happened except Charlotte trying to help me with my drawings...

Made a mess making some special treats for my favorite people.

I made my girls these adorable felt mailboxes
(more info here)
I decorated the Valentine's treats,
 packaged them up and delivered them that night.
(more info here)

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day at work and with the boy.
(more pictures also, here)

Got my hair done at work
 and spent the evening with my favorite boys watching movies & drinking wine.
(Bruno goes nuts whenever we eject a DVD from the player)

Me & Kevin finally celebrated Valentine's with dinner and a trip to the Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens were having their annual Night Lights celebration.
It was pretty cool and VERY packed.
More pictures to follow!

How was your Valentine's week?


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