Thursday, February 21, 2013

Night Lights at the Gardens

This past weekend Kevin and I celebrated Valentine's Day with dinner and a trip to one of my favorite places in western New York, the Botanical Gardens.  For the Valentine's season the Gardens stayed open later, lit up their already gorgeous plants with colorful lights, and provided gorgeous art and live music.

The Gardens were packed!
We had to wait ten-fifteen minutes just to get inside the building.
The light show was going on for about two weeks and Kevin and I went on the last day, and apparently that's when everyone else decided to go too!  An employee said that Saturday was certainly the busiest. 

One thing I learned from this night: I need a tripod for my camera.
I missed a lot of good shots because I'm too shaky in the low light.
I was also very rushed to take my pictures because we were in a single file line throughout half of the building and I didn't want to hold up the line (which I did at some points anyways which caused some people to huff and puff with impatience)

A shaky result, but I love the colors!

                                                 Oh hey, bf

Check out that killer stache on the Grandpa would be so proud

My favorite part of the Gardens, during the day...
...made even more beautiful and romantic with the lights

 Alien Invasion?!

My very, very favorite room had thousands of tiny lights moving slowly around the room to look like fireflies flying through the air and through the trees. SO SO MAGICAL!


Here's a short clip I captured of the firefly room with my phone.
*This video doesn't even come remotely close to how cool it really was in person*

I could have stayed in this room all night long!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did taking them!


PS- none of these photos were edited in any way!
The lighting was just that cool.

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