Friday, February 22, 2013

Davy Jones' Locker - Murder Mystery Party

When I'm about to share posts like these, all I think about is how I wish more people actually read my blog so they can see how awesome my friends are and how much fun we have when we're all together.
(which doesn't happen enough, in my opinion)

We celebrated Chelsea's birthday back in January (on her actual birthday) but we also wanted to give her another little celebration for getting into one of the best vet schools in the country (and for being so friggen awesome)!

Therefore, we got together and had a Murder Mystery Party!
(A HUGE thank you to Kristen who put it all together for us at her apartment!!)

Chelsea has a thing for anything to do with pirates, so obviously we went with Davy Jones' Locker.

If you've never participated in a murder mystery party... DO ONE!
It was so so so much fun to dress up, pretend you're someone else and try to figure out a mystery!
Yes, it was confusing at parts and I was always afraid I was going to mess up by telling someone something I wasn't supposed to.  But I had to remember that it's just a game and everyone's pretty much in the same boat.  But literally...we were all in the same "boat."  Haha, I'm so lame.

It was so great to have an "A-HA!" moment when you finally figured some things out.
This particular story had so many twists and turns and loops, it was nearly impossible to figure everything out.
And it wasn't like most murder mysteries where someone dies and you have to figure out who did it.  It was more every-man-for-themselves, and if-you-have-a-weapon-you're-free-to-murder-anyone-you-don't-trust kind of game.  SO much fun!

Before starting the game, we pigged out on giant pizza slices and lots of yummy snacks.

I made little "sand cups" for a dessert treat.
 It was made with vanilla pudding, crushed up Nilla Waffers, with a Twizzler "X marks the spot" and a pretzel / Life-Saver gummy combo made up a palm tree/umbrella stuck in the sand.

This is Drunken Willie, aka John Lennon, aka Kevin, my boyfriend.
He's the cutest! He was also stuffing his face and probably hated me for snapping a picture...whoops babe!
I was Esmerelda for the night, a flamboyant gypsy...

I found the most perfect shirt at Goodwill for about $2

This night was perfect!

The whole crew!
Me with my oldest, and most dearest friends

I couldn't ask for more fun friends with the best ideas!
I love them with all my heart.

Can't wait for the next murder mystery party!


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