Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Monday!

Hi friends! Hope you all had an enjoyable Easter.  Mine was amazing.  I went to church in the morning with my parents, stopped over at Kevin's aunts house for some food and great company, then came back to my house mid-afternoon for a big ham dinner with my family.  The day was filled with yummy food, delicious sangria, lots of laughs and wonderful people. It was pretty perfect.

Since I haven't been able to get on the blog all weekend I missed some posts I wanted to share so they'll be popping up throughout the week (I'm on spring break...wooo!)  But for now, here's what my week looked like according to Instagram:

1. a sleeping kitty
2. Kevin had a gig at a local bar (which was packed and insanely fun)
3. some watercolor painting happened
4. a gorgeous birthday sunset (I have a whole post dedicated to my bday, coming soon)
5. Had to choose which dress to wear on Easter
6. a little drawing
7. a handsome devil
8. pretty blue birthday skies
9. a sunbathing kitty
10. another gorgeous sunset
11. a sunbathing bunny
12. the yummiest snack EVER (honey & cinnamon pretzels dipped in Nutella)
13. my 23 before 24 list complete!
14. a napping buddy
15. pretty flowers from papa bear
16. a sleeping boy

And here's a song for you to enjoy:

My family and I jammed to this song a few times last night.
Gotta love some Motown!
(Kevin's favorite part is at .46)

Until next time, friends!

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