Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Birthday Shenanigans: 23

First and foremost I want to thank anyone and everyone who wished me happy birthday or was a part of my special day (well, more like weekend) in any way, shape or form.  I can't even believe how very, very blessed I am.  I literally had a permanent smile on my face for four days straight! You're all the BEST.

My birthday was on Good Friday, which I ended up renaming AMAZING, SPECTACULAR, WHY CAN'T EVERY DAY BE LIKE TODAY Friday.  That's how great my birthday (weekend) was.

But even the day before my birthday was awesome!  I got to work and the two girls I watch greeted me at the door singing "happy birthday" and handed me a card and two giant cupcakes.  I was thrilled.  Then! Their mom called me at 9 and told me their grandma was going to pick them up at 11 so I'll only be working a half day (but get paid for the whole day)! THEN! (as if this day could get any better....IT DID) My best friend who moved away over the summer (to Maryland) said she was coming home for Easter so I would get to see her on my birthday!! I just about died of happiness right there. Theeen Kevin asked if I wanted to come over and watch a movie and drink wine (DUH!) We watched Life of Pi...incredible movie.

So, on my actual birthday I literally broke down and cried because I was so overjoyed and full of gratitude.  It all started at exactly midnight.  I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed when I hear my dad start singing happy birthday from the living room (he's the cutest) and then my phone started blowing up.  I had friends texting me, posting on my facebook wall, on twitter, etc. etc. It was five minutes into my birthday and I was already feeling so loved.  I turned off my phone, went to bed, woke up, turned on my phone and received a million more notifications and texts.  Then I went out to lunch and shopping all day with my mom (we had off because it was Good Friday).  I opened up some presents that my bff Anne sent me and was in absolute shock.  Everything she sent me was something I had been wanting to buy. Like, everything.  I had mentioned to my mom earlier that day that I needed better paints and paintbrushes...BAM! Anne already sent them.  I've been wanting to start quilting...BOOM! There's a quilting magazine for beginners. Anne, you are perfect...and quite possibly a mind-reader...creepy.

more birthday-grams
I also went out to dinner with my parents & Kev, stopped to watch a breathtaking sunset, came home and opened gifts from them.  This is the point where I cried.  I just can't believe people's generosity.  It's unreal. And they always replied simply with, "You deserve it."  I don't think I deserve a spec of dust sometimes but the people in my life, my god, I am so lucky.  (I'll show you some presents in a bit)
Then, as if this day could possibly get any better, my friends picked me up, blindfolded me, then took me to LASERTRON! I literally have the best friends in the whole freakin' world.  You should all be VERY jealous.  It was the most fun I had in a long time! And I got to spend it with all my favorite people!  We then went out to eat at Denny's and I was in bed by 4:30....yeah. 4:30 in the morning. We're party animals.

and even more birthday-grams
The celebration even continued onto the next day.  I didn't do much during the day but Kevin had a gig at a local bar that night.  It was packed. And I knew everyone in the bar, except like 5 people.  It was amazing. And of course, Kevin told everyone it was my birthday, so everyone sang.  My friends brought cupcakes and a cake shaped like a CAT.  Best. Cake. Ever. (Thank you Meghan!)

these are the last of the birthday-grams, I swear!
I also finished my 23 before 24 list which I am so excited to start!

A special shoutout to all my Instagram friends that wished me a happy birthday.  I was in awe at how many people (that I don't even personally know) took the time out of their day to let me know they care.  It truly is an incredible community and I love you all.  

We're finally getting closer to the end of the post.  I just want to share real quick how wonderfully adorable my boyfriend is.  Okay, so he created a "Survival Guide to Your 23rd Birthday."  He was worried that it would be really lame, but it was really perfect.  There were 5 steps to the guide.

Step 1:  
Find some stability.  Because sometimes the best things to see while on the move happen when you're standing absolutely still.
*This is where I broke down.  I seriously believe people don't listen when I talk sometimes.  I've mentioned before that I need want a tripod because I love taking night pictures but I'm too shaky, or I have no where to set up my camera when I want to be in it, then I have to find a chair or stack of books to set it on, etc.  
He's amazing and I can't believe he got me a tripod. Okay! On to...

Step 2:
Sit back and relax. But don't burn your tongue!
Barnes&Noble and Starbucks giftcard.
Not picture: Ed Sheeran CD

Step 3:
Keep your head above water
A life jacket! (We love kayaking)

Step 4 & 5:
Just chill.  If he likes it, he'll put a ring on it.
& of course, Kiss your bf.  He'll appreciate it.
My heart skipped a beat when I read 4...I totally thought he was gunna propose for a split second.
Not pictured: Me kissing my wonderful boyfriend.

This boy puts me in awe daily.  He is incredibly thoughtful in everything he does.  He loves me no matter what I do or say (and sometimes I really don't deserve it, at all).  And he always delivers.  He never asks me what I want for Christmas or my birthday and I'm always shocked with the things he gives me.  It's always perfect.
Now, I don't want to leave out my other gifts, but I'm sure by this point you want me to shut up about my birthday, already. I won't go into crazy detail but my parents got me tons of clothes and a shelving unit I've had my eye on for awhile; Kevin's parents got me a KitchenAid (Yeah...I said a KitchenAid.  They spoil the absolute crap out of me); My brothers got me giftcards to craft stores (score!) and some friends got me wine, handmade jewelry, sprays, lotions, mustache shot glasses and an inspirational book.

I am SO blessed.
Thank you one & all.



  1. What a great birthday! your boyfriend sounds wonderful, that was such a unique and heartfelt gesture :) happy belated birthday!

    grace & love,

    1. thank you so much Kristyn! It means so much.