Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Favorites

I know I say this too much, but seriously, where has the time gone?! I feel like the days, weeks and months are flying by far too quickly.  It's making me a little nervous!  I have so much to do and my time is running out!  But boy am I grateful for everything and everyone in my life lately.  Seriously, I'm so very blessed.

Here's a little recap of what happened in my life/ on the blog this past month:

I shared a little peak into my sketchbook

Started painting (a lot) again... YAY!

Shared lots of pretty things this week on Instagram.

Shared a little bit of my possible (slightly scary) future.
(nothing but disappointment in this category so far...)

Life lessons and a list of things you should always be grateful for.

This video was an eye-opener.


The last big chunk of Cape Cod pictures!

My favorite Music Monday post.

And what's making me smile lately...

Well, there ya have it! Another month came and very quickly went.  Crazy, yet beautiful.  I'm not complaining too much!  I'm so happy with my life lately.  I hope you are too!

Happy May!!

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