Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 8: My advice to you...

Day 8 of Blog Everyday in May is, a piece of advice you have for others.


Seriously guys.  There is SO much to be grateful for.  Think about're reading this right now so obviously you have a computer, or a friend who has a computer or you have a library to visit that has a computer...that's something to be grateful for.  YOU'RE ALIVE....that's definitely something to be grateful for. I obviously don't know all of y'alls backgrounds and what you are/aren't grateful for but here's a short list of things I thank God for everyday:

my life, my health, my happiness, my family, my friends, my boyfriend, my kitties, my home, the food I eat, my job, having an education, my successes, my failures, my lessons learned, my gratitude.

I shared a link in this post with a list of things you forget to be thankful for.  I also shared this post about my favorite iPhone app that helps me to keep track of things to be grateful for each and everyday.

I honest to God ache for those that can't see how beautiful and wonderful their lives are.  
Stop complaining, start thanking.

"Some people pray for the things you take for granted."

Be grateful, my friends.

Ps... I just want to know that I am so proud of myself for actually keeping up with this challenge! Usually, I would have failed by now...Can't wait to complete the whole thing! weeee!


  1. I love this! "A grateful heart is a joyful heart."
    We are surrounded by so many blessings each and every day and we tend to take them for granted! Lovely reminder!

    1. Thank you, Leslie! We are most definitely surrounded by beautiful blessings. Thanks for stopping by! =)