Thursday, May 16, 2013

I'm content

Okay, day 16 (I can't believe I'm still in this!) of the challenge asks us to talk about something difficult in your "lot in life" and how your working to overcome it.

Hmm... well, let's see...

I have a teaching degree and no teaching job.  And obviously I'm doing what I can to find a job (which I should be working on some more right now, but ya know...).
I'm always working on my bad habits of negativity by surrounding myself with people and things that make me happy and inspired to stay and think positive.
I'm poor as hell and have bills and loans to pay up the wa-zoo but I'm saving up as much as humanly possible and not going out as much.  I'm even starting a little crafty side business to make some extra money.

I could probably list more but it's nice outside and overall, all these things seem so small compared to the heartaches others have to deal with every day.  I am perfectly content with my little life and everything I have been blessed with.



  1. beautiful.

    I throw out a thousand wishes to the universe that the teaching job comes quickly.

    1. Thank you so much, Shaylynn! It means a lot =)