Sunday, June 9, 2013

This week according to Instagram...

Clockwise starting at the top left picture:

1. Said farewell to my second order of cards
2. Went out to dinner with my mama
3. Admired rain droplets on my windshield
4. Watched light bounce off of a chandelier
5. Went to the recording studio with Kevin (eeeek!)
6. Had a wonderful date night with my boy at Coyote Cafe
7. LOLed to Jenna's text messages
8. Drank lots of wine
9. Swooned over a gorgeous bouquet of pink flowers
10. Watched the sunset with my favorite human of all time
11. Yoga distractions
12. The sunset
13. (middle pic) A beautiful view from my neighborhood sidestreet

And a big fat shout out to my best friends Mel and Meghan who surprised me with some goodies because I've been feeling down...
I'm so blessed.

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