Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Everybody makes mistakes. It's part of life.  It's how we grow.  Making mistakes shapes and molds you as a person.  It teaches you lessons and improves you in one way or another.  Don't ever be afraid of making mistakes.  Sure, I've made mistakes.  Lots of them, actually.  But you know what? I get over them.  I move on.  It's not okay to keep reliving your mistakes and regretting doing things/not doing things.  I used to do that a lot in the past. But now, I live in the moment.  I live in the now.  I live in the present because it is a gift (get it? so punny).  Enjoy your life. Embrace your mistakes. They're what makes you, you.

Happy Hump Day...almost through the week!

PS - All photos and edits by me.  If you want to see more pretty pictures I took in Cape Cod, check them out here, here and here!

PPS - Did anyone else start singing Hannah Montana's Nobody's Perfect when they read the line 'everybody makes mistakes'?  
Everybody makes mistakes / Everybody has those days / Everybody knows what, what I'm takin' about / Everybody gets that way!
Oh, no one else thought of that? Welp, just shows how big of a dork I am. whateva.


  1. Love your post and absolutely love your pictures and quotes! I agree make mistakes and keep it moving.

  2. The key to life, in my humble opinion, is making mistakes and learning from them...

  3. That first quote sums up perfectly what I was attempting to say in my own blog post today. I have such a hard time with mistakes allowing the self doubt to creep in. I admire those who seems to be able to shake them off and move on so quickly and easily! :)

    1. It took a lot of work to be able to shake off all those mistakes and put them in the past, but it's certainly worth it and will made me SO much happier :)

      Thanks for commenting!!